Carrion Crown

Death almost did us part!

… The grisly zombie shuffles forward and lunges to attack. Corinus is in The Restlands separated from Rikka Franz and Drago (whoever decided the group should split up should listen to Corinus more often, never split up!) As Corinus sees a man – or something – lurking by the Professor’s grave and yells a warning to the group.

The zombie lunges at Corinus, but Corinus is the faster and slashes at the monstrosity with his scimitar. A bright star got in his way briefly blinding him and he missed his mark. The other three rush to assist the magus but are waylaid themselves by a group of zombies just as an extra zombie comes out of the shadows to attack the isolated fighter-mage. Working as a team the three who stuck together make quick work of the undead surrounding them, but Corinus proves no match for a double team of badass dead blokes. Taking a blistering series of hits from both zombies Corinus falls, bleeding profusely, and barely surviving. In his eyes a large wolf-like man-beast comes out of the shadow and takes down the two zombies. The werewolf finishes his task just as the other three companions get to the scene; and so the beast fleas.

Rikka prays for Corinus, who appears worthy and is healed enough to get back up and fight. And they will need him to – there is still the false crypt ahead…



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