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Hangin 'round town

An exciting night was spent at the Lorrimor place, catching up on some reading on the books left by the Professor. After just a small amount of debate, Franz (yeah it was Franz and I am sticking too it) opened a letter addressed to Doctor Montagnie Crowl, to whom the books are to be delivered. The letter wasn’t too important, it just said to destroy the books, along with the ‘others.’ Hmm… I hope it isn’t important that the Doctor doesn’t get that note.

Sadly, the group did not find the same courage in opening up The Fourth Book left in the Professor’s chest. Surely if the book is locked it must be important.

The day begins with four tasks to perform: Collect information on the Whispering Way, learn what we can about Harrowstone Prison, collect gear from a false crypt that may help us with any investigation of the prison, and learn the names of those who perished in the fire at the prison.

Overnight a statue of great import, the Harrowstone Memorial, was desecrated. Some fool painted the letter V, then spattered blood over around (as well as parts of chicken) the scene. The memorial is dedicated to the guards who died when the prison burnt to the ground. It contains the names of the Warden Hawkran, his wife Vesorianna Hawkran, and about 20 other names.

The Principals learn of the desecration via the town marshal, Sheriff Benjan Caeller who (keeping to the theme that Ravengro hates outsiders) accuses the group of the destruction. Reluctantly the sheriff sees this group is not to blame and agrees to allow them to investigate.

Add task five to the to-do list for this month: Who would damage this monument which the townsfolk hold so dear? What does the ‘V’ stand for? What jumps to the collective mind is someone’s name: perhaps specifically the name of someone on the statue: Valissiana perhaps? Or maybe it is a threat to someone: Councilman Vashian Hearthmount, Drago Voce de Caliphas. Or maybe it is a symbol (V = 5?, or an arrow pointing at something?…). Unable to track the source of the blood, and unable to make more sense of the crime scene the party leaves: heading to the Church of Pharasma in to see what more can be learned.

On the way to the church, the party comes by a group of young girls jumping rope. The song is unfamiliar, but Drago is able to translate it – though not really able to make sense of it. After attempting to jump some rope (and failing miserably), Corinus makes a small connection with one of the lines: ‘Watch the blood so nice and brightsplatter and spell her name just right.’ This may have to do with the bloody V – is it confirmation that the desecration is spelling out a name – and specifically that of a ‘she?’

The group proceed to the church where Rikka convinces Father Grimburrow to allow them access to the church’s library, in which they learn a little more about the Whispering Way and quite a bit about the prison.

They fail to learn about those who died in the prison (specifically who the prisoners were), and failed to ask about the crypt.

Having not asked about the false crypt, and thus not disallowed from going there, the group waits to evening and proceed towards the Restlands to investigate. Corinus – out of pure bravery and pride in his ability to stand and fight – strolls straight into the cemetery’s front gate while the rest of the group stealth around the side of the Restlands and over a wall.

As Corinus approaches the corner of Eversleep and the Dreamwake roads, he meets a a lone mourner sitting outside a great mosoleum. Having nothing to hide and nothing to fear Corinus approaches the man and bids him sorrow for his loss. The mourner’s only loss is his own warmth and life-blood: the Zombie turns toward Corinus and…


Corinus: Obviously written from my point of view. You saw it different? Write down comments!

Hangin 'round town

I love it, though I have entered a few clarifications – most notably I wanted to make what the letter in On Verified Madness said, so it’s text is now in that book’s entry.

Hangin 'round town

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