Carrion Crown

Into that wooded area nearby... what's it called again?

The hidden crypt has been found and picked clean so the party heads back to the Lorrimor house to sleep the rest of the night.

Upon entering his room, Franz notices bars covering his window. He searches his room and finds it changed – he is now in a prison room, small and isolated. He is unable to contact his friends, and the only two things in the room are a rotting pile of food and a pile of dirty hay where his bed should be. He tastes the food (why would he taste the food?) which immediately voids the contents of his stomach. He turns to the bed but as he does he begins to see something scrawled across the wall in what appears to be blood:

When the names is spelled out Franz comes out of the vision… or dream… or whatever it was.

Late the next morning the group wakes up and warn Kendra of the zombies and werewolf. She seems to think the zombies are a rarity, and the temple of Pharasma should be handling things like this so they don’t happen. The group then goes to the temple and after a brief discussion about werewolves (no there is no reason to worry that one is around, but do you know of any?) the four heroic librarians boldly attempt to learn yet more about the prisoners who were at the prison when the fire occurred. Despite valiant and persistent effort by Drago, Franz, and Rikka no further information could be gleaned from the temple’s library this day. This information is a beast to be tackled another day!

So what of the next day? Rather than tackling the beast in the library, Corinus suggests a different tact – perhaps a visit to the Watcher’s Wood will come in useful? Corinus has several motives – first, he has a calling to visit the wood – something from his memory… no not really a memory… a previous life perhaps… that draws him to the wood. Perhaps it is the same ‘memory’ that laughs at him when he makes a joke noone else seems is funny. Second, there was a werewolf that helped them in the battle against zombies their last visit to The Restlands. It does not seem like there would be a werewolf welcome in town – the only logical place for such a beast would be in the Woods near town. This werewolf could be important – why did it help the group? Was it the mysterious figure Corinus and later Rikka saw at the Professor’s grave? This creature could be a valuable ally, and as shown against the zombies – the group is desperately in need of a powerful ally.

On the way into the woods Corinus sees a hooded shape, who then proceeds into the woods. Corinus is confident he recognizes … her, but where from? An image of a large barbarian / ranger woman comes to mind (as does an image that this woman would find the company of Rikka particularly delightful). He also thinks that this ‘woman’ could be an ally. Of course, this form is not quite that large, and not moving quite right, and noone else seems to think this person is a she… Is this too a memory, or whatever?

The group follows this… person… into the woods. She takes a very deliberate route and leads the party to a clearing filled with several stones. Without thought – as if led by destiny, Corinus moves towards the stones, and the rest follow. As they move in the sky darkens and the edge of the clearing fills with a dark mist. in the mist are a series of red glowing eyes. Heedless of this, Corinus moves forward…



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