Carrion Crown

The Burial

The date:


The Principals:

Corinus Astium: Worldly traveler from Cheliax, Taldor, and Ustalav. He is a wielder of both Steel and Magic and carries a wicked Scimitar on his hip.

Drago Voce de Caliphas: Caliphat writer and chronicler. This eager adventurer seeks to settle things with his colleague the Professor.

Franz Grunwald: Scholar of the first tier. Favored student of the great Professor. He is under some… personal issues he needs to settle and hopes this is a chance to unburden his soul and free his body.

Rikka Tinuron: Faithful and determined adventurer. She lets Pharasma direct her and uses her religion as a tool to achieve her goals.

The Adventure begins…

A mismatched group of adventurers reach Ravengro, drawn by the death and funeral for their father-figure: Professor Petros Lorrimor (Deceased).

No sooner does the funerary procession begin than the locals make known their dis-trust of outsiders. A group of surly towns folk confront the party, now carrying the Professor’s casket, and attempt to run the group out of town. In doing so they accuse the Professor of Necromancy – an accusation too evil for Kendra Lorrimor, the Professor’s daughter, to allow to pass. An argument ensues where the group refuses to allow the Professor to be buried in the town’s cemetery, named The Restlands. Cool words, spun by the party and led by the great swordsman, magus, and word-smith Corinus, calms the situation and the surly bastards disperse without bloodshed. No further distraction blocked the funeral, which completed on time.

After the funeral the Principals took an hour to familiarize themselves with the town – heading to the The Laughing Demon for a quick drink. The group takes in just how hostile the town of Ravengro is to outsiders before moving on to the Lorrimor place to hear the reading of the Professor’s Last Will. After bequeathing his worldly possessions to Kendra, and his spellbook to Doctor Adivion Adrissant the Will asks two favors of the Principals: First, stay with Kendra for a month so she stays safe and lands on her feet after losing her father. Second, bring the books, located in his Chest to Lepidstadt University to be dealt with there.



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