Carrion Crown

To the Crypt!

With the dead-men killed again, the heros move on to their initial goal – finding the crypt. From the Professor’s journal the group new approximately where the crypt was supposed to be, as they turn in that direction Rikka sees the someone… perhaps the Professor and decides to follow him. Noone else could see this apparition, but hey, there is no harm in following near invisible forms of dead people, right?

This time it worked out. ‘The Professor’ led the group to a crypt. Corinus pulls out his scimitar and attempts to break the lock but finds the lock already cut open with acid.

The group moves in and follows a pair of foot prints to the back of the crypt where they find a tomb. They open it up only to find the crypt has no body it it – instead it is filled with various adventuring gear, including potions, scrolls, a spitit planchette, some haunt siphons and some silver, ghost touch, and enchanted arrows. The group take the goods and head out.

On their way out the group encounter a pair of giant centipedes – the battle is quick, furious, and leads to no real damage to the party (though Franz complained that a bite he received might have been poisoned).



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