Drago Voce de Caliphas

Charismatic, yet mysterious, this chronicler of Caliphas has honed his skills to a keen edge...


A man in his late twenties with a dark eyes and a light complexion. He wears a rapier and whip at his side and carries an unending supply of scrolls.


Drago Voce is a chronicler for The Dark Millennium, a popular publication in Caliphas. He is well known in the city for his keen investigative talents and his skill with prose. His last name, Voce, is actually a name given to him by his editors at the Millennium. It translates from Varisian as “the Voice,” for Drago’s reputation as a smooth talker and because he was once a performer at the Opera Populaire in Caliphas.

Drago met Professor Lorrimor when his investigation of a series of murders in Caliphas aligned his interests with the Professor’s. The two men became fast friends and Drago was heartbroken to learn of the man’s demise.

Drago Voce de Caliphas

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