Rikka Tinuron

Servant of the Lady of Graves who operates in the shadows...


Professor Petros Lorrimor met Rikka Tinuron as he was exploring the ruins of Feldgrau in the desolate undead wasteland known as the Furrows. While searching for an artifact in the husk of that city, the professor found himself on the run from a horde of ravenous zombies. Thinking he would be forced to abandon his expedition, the professor was incredibly surprised when respite came from an unlikely source: an adolescent girl wielding a composite longbow, the very artifact he was seeking.

When the walkers were all put down and the melee was over, the professor learned that this girl had been living on her own for years in the Furrows. From the pieces Rikka could remember, the professor determined the young half-elf must become orphaned during the War without Rivals, a military conflict which proved to be the death of Feldgrau and the Furrows.

Rikka claimed she was aided by a man named Gregor, who led her to shelter, gave her his bow, and taught her the weak points of the walking dead that roamed the area. She told the professor about how it was Gregor who had bid her to seek him out and rescue him. After a moment, Professor Lorrimor described Gregor to the girl, who wanted to know how he knew the man. The professor explained that the man who had once owned the bow she carried was Gregor Eisenhorn, legendary marksman, undead slayer, and inquisitor of Pharasma who fell in the War without Rivals over twenty years ago.

With her unparalleled skill to slay the undead and uncanny ability to speak with those who have passed beyond, it was an easy task to convince the Pharasmin Penitence in Kavapesta to accept the girl for training as one of the Lady of Graves’ inquisitors. There, she spent years perfecting her already exceptional skills until she was the ultimate hunter of all things that go bump in the night. Professor Lorrimor paid her regular visits throughout this time to gain her expert advice in bringing low undead monstrosities.

It is with great sorrow that Rikka learned of the professor’s untimely demise, and she has taken a leave of absence from the Pharasmin Penitence in order to attend his funeral in Ravengro and pay her respects to her great friend and mentor.

Rikka Tinuron

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