On Verified Madness


This is a quarto sized book bound in tooled green leather with the title embossed on the front. The corners have mithril protectors however there are some loose leaves which have been reattached poorly with wax damaging the section on the creature called a Tentamort, and it appears a great many of the pages of this volume have been torn out.

In addition to some detail regarding the beasts below, there are also certain incantations and rituals which may be learned. What the result of these spells may be is unknown until they are performed.

Emerald Dart of P’tah

It is also of note that this version of the book is in the original Aklo (the language of the Outer Dark), not the translated version read by Franz.

Tucked into the pages is an envelope addressed to Montagnie Crowl closed with the Professor’s wax seal. After it was opened in a completely undetectable manner, the letter within read as follows:


This is but the first section of the complete text of this foul tome. Though I have proven incapable of destroying this book, I was able to discover a way to dismantle it. I have entrusted a section to Caromarc and hidden the most volatile passages in the hidden cache in my office at the University. You must continue my research and find a way to destroy this abhorrent text.

- P


All that is known of the author of this single surviving tome, Theophilus Wenn, comes from the introduction of the book itself. If this section is to be believed Wenn was a high ranking member of the Pathfinder Society and contributed much in the way of written works and lectures. However despite this and the fact that the book was printed in Absalom, by Smails & Smails printers according to the title page, neither the Society or the printworks have any recollection of a man by that name. Or indeed printing such a book… It is as if he had never existed and has been expunged from the minds of all who have ever seen or heard of him. It states in the foreword that he intended to retire to Bedrin’s Bluff which puts his existence prior to the disaster which befell that quarter. Needless to say proving that Wenn actually existed or not is difficult at best.

The book itself details several creatures thought to have links with The Dark Tapestry and focuses on ten of these aberrations. Each chapter has a woodcut print of the beast discussed with the exception of the chapter regarding the Hound (or Hounds as it is sometimes referenced) of Tindalos is torn from its bindings. The following creatures are described in order.

Gibbering Mouther
Hound of Tindalos
Hunting Horror

On Verified Madness

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