Tag: Pharasma


  • The Restlands

    This is [[Ravengro | Ravengro]]'s cemetery. It holds a number of secrets: after-all the dead do not rest easily in Ravengro! ---- !(media-item-align-center)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/101271/The_Restlands.jpg(The restlands)!

  • Kavapesta

    The largest city in Amaans and a holy city for Pharasmins, Kavapesta is a somber place possessed by a dour variety of religious fanaticism. The city takes its name from Mother Kavapesta, a Pharasmin missionary and teacher whose sermons on perseverance and …

  • Pharasmin Penitence

    Inquisitors of the Lady of Graves Alignment: N Headquarters: Kavapesta Leader: Archbishop Bavhulla Ulmetria and regional bishops Born from the tortured ruins of post-Tyrant Ustalav, this splinter philosophy of the Pharasmin church ennobles …

  • The Furrows

    Wasteland of Trenches and War Scars Master: — Inhabitants: Animate war machines, imps, mandragoras, mohrgs, necromancers, oozes, quickwoods, shadows, skeletons, vermin swarms, will-o’-wisps, xill, zombies Hauntings: Restless corpses of fallen …