Pharasmin Penitence

Inquisitors of the Lady of Graves

Alignment: N

Headquarters: Kavapesta

Leader: Archbishop Bavhulla Ulmetria and regional bishops

Born from the tortured ruins of post-Tyrant Ustalav, this splinter philosophy of the Pharasmin church ennobles suffering and endurance. The faith’s central teachings differ little from the Lady of Graves’ universal tenets, but add that when souls are measured upon Pharasma’s scales in their final judgment, the pains and trials of life add weight that the goddess counterbalances with immortal rewards. Thus, the church extols the virtue of perseverance and trusting in the succor of prayer, with pertinacity against even the most terrible trials being rewarded in death. This popular philosophy underlies the majority of Pharasma’s worship in Ustalav—which, as the country’s foremost religion, inf luences most of the country’s pious citizens.

While the tenets of the Pharasmin Penitence seem fundamentally innocent, some take the ideology to fanatical extremes. Within the church exist flagellants, who indulge in pain as a form of ecstatic sacrifice, and monks who deprive themselves of speech, sight, or other senses to limit the pleasures of life and their lightening effects upon the soul. In lands such as Barstoi, the most extreme adherents view the endurance of pain as a condemnation of pleasure and change, prescribing against excess joy and hunting down those who would alter the world to mortal whims — specifically magic-users.

Pharasmin Penitence

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