Ravengro is a small settlement in the county of Canterwall, on the edge of Lake Lias. It is a small town, grown around the ill-fated Harrowstone Prison as a place for the guards and their families to live. The town grew and formed a community.

Since the prison burned the small community has been shattered, the inhabitants always reminded of the haunting presence of the dead prison, the villains and heroes it has claimed, and the families it has destroyed. Doubly cursed by the historical distress of Ustalav, and the more recent burden of the haunted prison, the people of Ravengro are notoriously close-mouthed and angry – especially with outsiders.

Ravengro art

Events/Places of Interest:

1) Ravengro is the location of Prof. Lorrimar’s funeral. He lived here and had a small library. His daughter (Kendra) holds his house now.

2) The Professor was buried in the nearby cemetery named The Restlands.

Ravengro players map

Ravengro Map Key

A. Town Square
B. The Posting PolesPevrin Elkarid, post boy
C. The Laughing DemonZokar Elkarid, owner
D. Ravengro Town Hall
E. Temple of Pharasma (Healing & Potions) – Vauren Grimburrow, Cleric of Pharasma
F. Ravengro General Store (Common Items)
G. Ravengro Forge (Weapons & Armor)
H. Jominda’s Apothecary (Potions, etc.) – Jominda Fallenbridge, owner
I. Ravengro JailSheriff Benjan Caeller
J. The Silk Purse (Bank)
K. The Outward Inn
L. The Unfurling Scroll (Magic Shop and School)
M. Council Member’s Home
M1. Councilman Vashian Hearthmount
M2. Councilwoman Mirta Straelock
M3. Councilwoman Shanda Faravan
M4. Councilman Gharen Muricar
N. The Lorrimor Place
O. Harrowstone Memorial
P. The Restlands
R. Harrowstone


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